Malealea hike village

Lesotho – Hiking the African Kingdom in the Sky

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Some places just feel magical from the moment you arrive. Malealea in Lesotho is one of them. Lesotho is known as the Kingdom in the Sky. The country was born out of fierce defiance of European colonization. Two-thirds of this rugged country is mountains. You can even ski in Lesotho, something we don’t often associate with Africa. This rugged landscape allows for plenty of interesting hiking in Lesotho. I’ve always been intrigued by this tiny ‘island’ nation due to its […]

Drakensberg hiking view

Hiking with a Fear of Heights – South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains

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I crouched against the mountain nearly paralyzed with fear. My heart raced. As I looked over the ledge, my guide said, you can trust me.  But could I? When it comes to putting my life (as I saw it) in another’s hands, I’m more than reluctant. I don’t like being out of control and trust within the context of being in a foreign country with someone I don’t know comes hard. What do you do when fear overcomes reason? Hiking […]


Japan’s Long-Distance Trail – The Nakasendo

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Japan is a land of fire and rain. Active volcanoes continue to remake the landscape while underground steam vents fuel the countless onsen or hot spring baths that dot this country. These springs are fed by streams and rivers that, from time to time, overflow their boundaries. In the cities and towns of Japan, fire, landslides, and flooding are common dangers. Such a violent landscape breeds breathtaking scenery. From snowy Hokkaido in the far north to tropical Okinawa in the […]

Angkor Wat jungle trees hiking

Hiking Among the Temples of Angkor Wat

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A temple is not an obvious hiking destination. But when the temple is called Angkor Wat, you can rethink a lot of assumptions. For starters, Angkor Wat is only one of the many temples, pagodas, gates, necropolis, and stelae that comprise the Angkor complex. At 400 acres (160 hectares), this complex is the largest religious site in the world. The Angkor complex is still very much in use. Some of the temples are sacred to Hindus while others are used […]

taiwan hiking alishan forest sunrise expat hikers

Sunrise Trekking in Taiwan’s Alishan National Forest

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Trekking in Alishan National Forest The clouds enter Alishan National Forest at will. They slip through cedar groves or descend from the heights of 3,000 year old cypress trees. The near constant humidity feeds the trees — root, branch and leaf.  Old trees die but their root systems remain intact, serving as a barrier to soil erosion. New trees spring up yielding multiple generations of cypress trees on one site. Parasitic plants like the rhododendron coexist in this ecosystem. Alishan […]

Fjallraven Classic Sweden backpacking

Hiking the Fjallraven Classic – How I Learned to Love Backpacking.

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How I learned to love backpacking? Let me start by saying, I’m not a backpacker. I love to hike and car camp or even glamp. But backpacking? No. Emphatically NO. But then came the Fjallraven Classic Sweden. The tagline says, “Journey through one of Europe’s last wildernesses with everything you need on your back. Over 110km prepare to meet like-minded fellow trekkers, the occasional reindeer herd and mountains that roll into the horizon.” How could I resist? The Fjallraven Classic […]