essential exercises for hikers

The 5 Essential Exercises for Hikers

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What are the most essential exercises for hikers? Right now, approximately half the world is thinking of going into hibernation as winter approaches. The other half is just about to go into the hiking season. Some of you are always in the hiking season. Lucky you! Whatever your season or location there are five essential exercises for hikers that will keep your body hiking ready all year round. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a […]

bristlecone pine forest hiking 10 essentials

How to Stay Safe on the Trail…Always Carry the “10 Essentials”

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How prepared are you each time you hike? If you’re like me you’ve gone one too many times without the “10 essentials.” Now I don’t mean you’re one of those people you see on the trail in flipflops…no, you would NEVER do that! But I’ll bet you’ve gone on a hike and said to yourself, I don’t need to bring water or food or that warm jacket in the car – I’ll be back in […]

Finding hiking partners

Hiking Partners Wanted or How to Beat the Odds of a Bad Hiking Match

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I used to be fairly indiscriminate about my hiking partners (and sometimes still am). Long ago after a move to San Francisco where I didn’t know anyone, I wanted to hike so badly I would go with anyone. A “singles” backpacking trip into the wilderness with a well-known club (which shall remain unnamed) had me trapped with several strange bedfellows for 3 nights. Having declared myself single by joining the trip, I couldn’t very well […]

What makes a hike great

What Makes A Great Hike?

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  I recently watched the Netflix movie, The Ritual. They did not have a great hike! Best mates go for a nice weekend in the woods and pretty soon someone breaks a leg – the mates can’t agree on the route so they get completely lost and then, bam! The friends end up in a forgotten village full of strange people wanting to sacrifice them to their ancient evil god. Now that’s definitely not a […]