Drakensberg hiking view

Hiking with a Fear of Heights – South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains

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I crouched against the mountain practically paralyzed with fear. As I looked over the ledge, my guide stood in front of me and said, you can trust me.  But could I? When it comes to putting my life (as I saw it) in another’s hands, I’m more than reluctant. I don’t like being out of control and trust within the context of being in a foreign country with someone I don’t know comes hard. What do you do when fear overcomes […]

Angkor Wat jungle trees hiking

Hiking Among the Temples of Angkor Wat

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A temple is not an obvious hiking destination. But when the temple is called Angkor Wat, you can rethink a lot of assumptions. For starters, Angkor Wat is only one of the many temples, pagodas, gates, necropolis, and stelae that comprise the Angkor complex. At 400 acres (160 hectares), this complex is the largest religious site in the world. The Angkor complex is still very much in use. Some of the temples are sacred to Hindus while others are used […]

Finding hiking partners

Hiking Partners Wanted or How to Beat the Odds of a Bad Hiking Match

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I used to be fairly indiscriminate about my hiking partners (and sometimes still am). Long ago after a move to San Francisco where I didn’t know anyone, I wanted to hike so badly I would go with anyone. A “singles” backpacking trip into the wilderness with a well-known club (which shall remain unnamed) had me trapped with several strange bedfellows for 3 nights. Having declared myself single by joining the trip, I couldn’t very well tell interested fellow hikers I […]

What makes a hike great

What Makes A Great Hike?

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I recently watched the Netflix movie, The Ritual. Best mates go for a nice weekend in the woods and pretty soon someone breaks a leg – the mates can’t agree on the route so they get completely lost and then, bam! The friends end up in a forgotten village full of strange people wanting to sacrifice them to their ancient evil god. Now that’s definitely not a great hike! Why do horror films always have a scene where things go […]